All You Have To Know About The Services For The Best Durian Delivery Singapore

Durian is a tropical fruit, usually distinguished with spikes and large with an outer shell. It is very smelly, and that’s why banned in few places. It is like a custard with a soft flesh with seeds. Although both are edible, people enjoy the flesh more. The colour is usually yellow or white, but sometimes it ranges from red or green too.

  • It is very famous in Southeast Asian countries, namely Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia.
  • It can be used as fruit, juice, soup, served as a side dish, boiled or roasted and eaten as a dessert too!
  • There are different seasons for durians and are mainly sweet or bitter. There are many types grown in Malaysia and Thailand.

Since they are specific to the season, durians can’t be bought in public transport or taxis, and it’s better to opt for the best durian delivery singapore. It makes things easy as you get in on your doorstep. Some of the best services perform quality checks and brings out the best one.

Best places to order durianĀ 

There are several places from you can get the fruit delivered. Due to competition, many places have been juggling but below mentioned are theĀ best durian delivery singapore:

  • Durian Delivery Singapore
  • Ah Seng Durian
  • Combat Durian
  • Jojo durian
  • 99 Old Trees
  • Lele durian Singapore
  • 128 durians
  • 818-durian
  • fruit monkeys
  • Bentong durian
  • Sin durian
  • Durian empire

To conclude, they have an entirely new experience. With good storage, durians can be fresh and sold on the go. Therefore, their flavour and aroma are maintained. Some deliveries are free if the amount is above $200. However, $40 is charged below that.