Should I still buy a diesel car?

Diesel, gasoline, electric or hybrid, how to navigate among the different engines of the market? Today, we hear everywhere that Diesel is in decline and government measures, in France as in the rest of Europe, seem to confirm it. We take stock of this subject and the possible alternatives. Would you be willing to say goodbye to your diesel car? Click here for electric cars for sale in san diego.

Does Diesel still have a future?

Criticism excessive or founded, the Diesel is attacked from all sides and the tendency is confirmed for 2018: this fuel loses velocity. For the first time in a long time, more gasoline cars were sold than diesel.

Today, the observation is as follows: the policies, which have supported this fuel for decades, have changed course.

What alternatives to diesel cars?

For many years, the purchase of a Diesel vehicle had become a reflex. A part of the motorists considering this motorization was the majority and adapted to all. Today, the end of the Diesel forces us to review our way of choosing the engine of our future car, when they really are the alternatives?

The fuel is vital

Diesel flagship competitor, the essence is increasingly requested by motorists. But is this alternative really suitable for everyone? The answer is no. Gasoline is a great choice if you drive less than 20,000 kilometers a year.

The amazing hybrid car

Inaugurated by Toyota, this technology is gradually making its way in France even if all models do not necessarily present this alternative. The principle is simple: to have a gasoline engine and an electric motor able to complement each other. This type of engine needs to be known for its ability to mitigate the fall of the Diesel: for those who drive mainly in the city and drive many miles, it is a purchase quickly profitable.

The electric car is amazing

Widely acclaimed and yet still few motorists dare to take the plunge. The fault of some fears about the autonomy of the vehicles and a tariff can be perceived as being too high? Surely, but beyond the accepted ideas, it is necessary to know that this type of motorization makes good progress to become the cars of tomorrow.

Published by Willain Daan