digital asset



It is growing:

          The bitcoin even though it is a latest innovation and is also a crypto currency, the methodology of operation in dealing with such a currency becomes different as well. The main aspect here is that the bank is completely not there in the picture and only the peer to peer transactions are carried out so that the commission that has to be paid to the banker or the middle man is erased. However the price of bitcoin has to be understood before decisions on thetransactions are affected in the crypto currency world. Many have become interested in dealing with the bitcoin as people are becoming aware of its existence and they can bring in more members as referrals and earn some good points in the process as well.

Price changes:

          The price changes or fluctuations have always been there ever since it was conceived in the year 2009 and that is going on even today. The price of the same in the year 2019 to 2020nhas touched a record high value of 13,000 USD which is the highest in its history often years in existence.

Getting interested:

          There are many people who are getting interested in dealing with the crypto currency called as the bitcoin and the price of bitcoin has changed so much. More people are joining the network and hence becoming members of the network called as the block chain. The transaction gets recorded in the codes and the same is saved for future reference. There are also some unique features to it such as it is considered economical due toi the lack of middle men and lso due to the presence new crypto currencies that have come up in the recent years.

Published by Willain Daan