All You Need To Know About Physics Tuition For Sec 3

There were many controversies and concerns surrounding online physics tuition for sec 3 and their training methods that were raised by students and their parents alike. For example, they were worries whether the tutor will be qualified to help the student and whether the online instruction will cater to the subject matter of the course. 

Skills Required To Be An Online Tutor 

A competent and adept online tutor will possess the following abilities:

  • They can adopt the support group learning system where they do not necessarily need to provide face to face tutoring.
  • Scaffolding: Various types of scaffolding (support provided by the instructor) are required so that every topic of study that is necessary for a certain course is covered thoroughly in the online mode.
  • They should follow the “weaving” technique which involves emphasizing certain points, redirecting questions so as to stimulate the process of critical thinking in the students, correcting the misunderstandings that the students might have.
  • Summarizing is an important technique where online tutors must re-emphasize the points they have made for a better understanding and must provide an archive of their course content as wellphysics tuition for sec 3

This method of teaching was adopted amidst the corona, when everyone felt they have lost their battles, when they thought they lost their friends, and especially when those young hearts thought they will never enjoy the initial stage of their schooling. Also not that this is a method which came handy only because the world had a major lockdown! Don’t you all agree with me?

Published by Willain Daan