Learn the facts behind the popular KN 95 face mask

Learn the facts behind the popular KN 95 face mask

The entire world is facing a different situation now. Even the countries are closing their borders in order to prevent the spread of the pandemicdisease that is spread with the help of the corona virus. This daises has been named as covid 19 and the people need to be very vigilant in stopping the spread. Because it is very contagious and can be spared with the help of air too. So you need to be cautious while venturing out in the public places. Try to use KN95 Mask which has the ability to filter the air that you inhale from the public places. Ina addition it is important to wash your hands in order to break the chain.

Why do you need the help of mask?

By the help of mask it is possible to filter the virus. Because the mask can be able to filter microparticles and the corona virus cannot enter into the nasal path. So it is the right time to find out the KN95 Mask which is very much different form the normal mask that you are using in the home. Because the normal cotton mask cannot filter the microparticlesentering your nasal path. In addition the surgical mask are not an alternative to the kn 95 mask because they are use and throw type while the kn 95 is used for  a longer period of time.

Learn the facts behind the popular KN 95 face mask

Specialities of KN 95 mask

  • By the help of this mask you can easily present the corona spread through air. Because it is tightly sealing the air directlyentering your nasal path and this is the very important requirement to stop the spread of the corona virus through air.
  • By the help of the foam comfort you will not feel the maskeven though the user is wearing it for the entire day. It is easy to wear the maskdailywithout nay hassles.
  • The mask is made of five layers. The four layers are going to filter the particles while the fifth layer is provided in order to provide comfort to the skin. The mask is capable of filtering the microparticles that is below the 0.3 micron. This is the importantfeature that a person needs to learnabout this mask.
  • In addition this mask is highly helpful in preventing the spread by tightly closing the face. So it is hard to find a gap in between the skin and the face and the right close is tested in the manufacturing unit.

Published by Willain Daan